These rates above are realistic sample rates, so in some (but not necessarily all) cases, they may differ depending on e.g. the creditworthiness, maturity or specific loan terms of the borrowers.

Some lenders offer fixed monthly costs instead of interest.

What is a Credit Card?


Credit card is a kind of bank card, it’s like a so-called credit card with credit where you can borrow when you do not have a subscription to the account to which the credit card is linked. This makes it easier when you want to shop but still run out of money.

Advantages and disadvantages of credit

Credit cards give you many times better benefits than the benefits found in, for example, credit cards or club cards. These can include bonuses on various purchases, insurance, interest-free months, discounts, interest-free credits, special invitations, among other things! You can use your credit card almost anywhere you can shop, and you can for example. Use it to pay invoices or when traveling.

Many things that can be ordered should be compared, as you often want to find the lowest costs, and the best conditions for you. Credit cards can and should compare like many other things eg. products or loans. In fact, account credit is a type of loan, similar to fast loans but better reputation and often by well-known companies.

Furthermore, the credit is more flexible than for example fast loans, where you can use the credit just when you are in need of the money. For example, this may be the case if you are on a trip and need or want to buy something special and lack credit just during that month. You use the credit (ie loans) when you need it. It’s simple and easy, and you don’t have to go through an application process on the internet like you do for other types of loans.

Forecast for the best Credit Card


This article is written at the end of 2019, but it is still a forecast for the “best credit card 2020”, as it is unlikely that there will be any kind of upstart. This is an industry that stays fairly stable in a short period of time. Of course, many new start-ups have arrived in a short time.

Take, for example, the credit card Revoul, which Jan Bolmesson and his wife recommend on the blog I can add that I have no attachment to Jan or that blog, at least not at this time. Still, I think it’s a good article on the same theme, that is, recommending the best credit card for this and next year.

What is really best?


Many people think that the “Remember” credit card is not the best, and neither does Jan Bolmesson according to his own statement. Why doesn’t he think so? Well, because that’s the general opinion of his followers. I who run a comparison service tend not to agree with him completely. That’s how people have different perceptions, different needs and different expectations.

There are no doubt people who also choose Remember, and are happy with Remember. Their re: member flex credit card, for example, offers discounts in 300 online stores and up to 8 weeks interest-free credit.

What suits you may not suit everyone else. It is actually a far cry from re: member flex and Revolut I initially mentioned. It offers a plethora of payment and credit cards, a market that has completely exploded in recent years. This is very much thanks to the fintech companies.